Trace(K)Network was borne in the year January 1999 in a forum discussing Indigenous Knowledge Systems for the Atharaka /Ameru at Kenya Agricultural Research Offices, Embu.

The forum, amongst the days agenda was to try and understand why modern technologies are not being picked up by the community. Entrenched Indigenous Knowledge systems practiced and followed limited the adoption of new methodologies of which have kept the communitys’ social fabric firm and strong.

Group representatives in the meeting felt their was need to come up with a network to help bring traditional knowledge and modern knowledge together .A CBO( community Based Organisation) was born with the acronym Traditions, Arts Culture and Environment  Kenya Network(TRACE(K)NETWORK.

Our Objectives
  1. Capacity building on Water rights and Governance
  2. Capacity building on community health rights
  3. Provision of support/ Help, and care for the less privileged and marginalized in Kenya.
  4. Establishment of linkages/placements and cultural exchange visits between different communities here in Kenya and Internationally.
  5. Undertakes to Conserve the environment. Gather, document, conserve and promote relevant indigenous knowledge systems in Kenya.
  6. Provision of Education support/basic human necessities across the divide in Kenya and the world
  7. Restore rural communities heritage, values and dignity,and promotion of eco tourism.
  8. Transform African socio- cultural economy and general living standards, and Eco tourism.
  9. Protection of environment and watershed areas

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